Need Airline Theme wordpress


Can any one help me how to get airline wordpres theme with sample flight booking and good slider?

I too am looking for a theme for airline. But apparently there’s nobody here.

briceemry said

I too am looking for a theme for airline. But apparently there’s nobody here.

I’m here! I’m always here. Here you go. Have fun:

main theme:

Hi Goofydadog
Thank you for your partge and for the link. Do you consider adding a resevation system on this theme? Do you have other issues on this?

You can add a reservation system to any theme. Do you run an Airline? .

In fact, I have to create a site for a small airline and I would like it to be a wordpress. There are many who seek this kind of site, especially in Africa, but it is almost dificult to find onThemeForest

You can use any theme and then use a plug-in for the booking part. Either a custom one, or try looking at for a reservation system.

You can use a freelance sited such as for a quote for a custom plug-in.


there are also several WordPress booking themes available:

But none of them focuses exclusively on airline tickets.

Hope this helps.

Edit: Didn’t realized that the thread is quite old. Well, maybe it would help someone else.

canadaseopro said

Goofydadog - Did you configure the theme below? If so contact me please?

I can try help. What is it that you need?

That is very kind of you.

Buy the theme and install the demo data. If you need help I would recommend hiring a freelancer.

This would be a heck of a lot cheaper than using my outfit as my developers drive quite nice cars + they have never used Skype in their life. I used it once and got sea-sick!

Good Luck and sorry I can’t help.

Hey I didn’t mean to offend you! Sorry.

P.S: I drive a 20 year old, £500 pound car I purchased last week. Loving it!

Good Night.