Need AE script that will add lower third to many videos.

Have more then 1000 videos that need lower third.

Script should open the video (varoius resolutions), add lower third with 3 text lines (already done). read text from excel and add it to each video, starting from 3rd second, ending at 10th second, export in same resolution, h264, 10 target bitrate, 12max rate.

I will manually add video path/names and 3 lines for each video.

Hello, I believe it will be very hard to find that kind of script. I can help you with that project finishing it only in 1 day. You can contact me through my profile page. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Mehti M. Mehtiyev

I saw there are very similar scripts to one im looking for here, or combination of two, so anyone who knows scripting good could do this.

Just came to this new forum, cant find a way to contact you directly :confused:

I’ve sent you a message.

I am still looking for someone to do this.

Contact me on:

Kindest Regards

I am still looking for someone who can do this :neutral_face: