Need advise on site build idea




looking to build a website like

any theme would probably do for front end, I am actually more looking at the back end, I can replicate this on Microsoft excel, however thought of setting a website with the code or plugins needed that would replace me using excel sheet to do budgeting.

idea is for anyone to go online to the site, register or login and track their own budget etc.

what would be the costs involved? I have some experience in wordpress and using wix. not sure if this could work.

any theme or plugins I can but to achieve this?

want to create a website

It would cost A LOT.

WordPress and certainly not Wix are not suitable for anything close to this from a build perspective let alone the quirky visual implementation, necessary back end configuration and security development.

There are numerous budgeting plugins about but what you are talking about here is something far far bigger and that includes peoples’ private financial info which opens up a whole world of considerations.