Need advice

Hi Guys,

Two days ago, I and the other author in Envato agreed convert one HTML template to Joomla CMS like as a partner.
They did:

  • Submit a ticket via envato support tell about this partnership (Envato supporter can check ticket id: 298048)
  • Agree profit sharing and send me HTML Package to convert.

I did:

  • I worked with convert this template to Joomla for more than 8 hours.

BUT: Today: this partner send me message to terminate cooperation.

What do I have to do now? Any advice, or answers from a envato support team.

Thank you so much!

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That’s a shame. It’s sad when partnerships do not go through.

Partnerships can be very successful for all parties involved. I have a few partnerships on some of my items. It’s fun and gets you involved in the community a bit more, with the added bonus of some extra income.

Just be glad there isn’t money involved (i.e. a few sales) as that is always tricker.

I would just cut your losses and hopefully the author will change their mind in the future and team up again with you. You can ask them (nicely) why they chose to terminate the partnership, maybe they have a valid reason.

You’re welcome to point the other author to this thread as well.

Good luck with future projects and hopefully this one has helped you fine-tune your HTML-to-Joomla conversion skills for the next job.



a shameful act unilaterally terminate the cooperation, refused to cooperate when the product is not good quality, when you have provided, you don’t cancel the ticket id if parties disagree joomla