Need advice what to improve

Hi guys! This track was Hard Rejected. I’m new here and trying to understand why almost all of my tracks were rejected, so need advice from experienced people what’s wrong with this music.
Thank you!

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I think the composition is okay. it’s a bit cheesy for my taste, but I’ve heard cheesier which sell, so that may not be the issue.

Two things stand out straight away for me:

The panning of the instruments is a bit extreme. Try more subtle positioning. At the moment it sounds strange and unbalanced to the left.

The instrument that enters at 0:51 sounds dated. Is it a synthesized sitar patch? It reminds me of one of my childhood favourite computer games, which isn’t a bad thing, but likely not your intention. The pitch-bends make it sound even more out of place.

Other things to consider, I would say the drums are a bit lacklustre in parts. Particularly the snare. The pizzicato and the piano sounds are a little bit 'Korg synth patch from the mid-‘90s’.

Thanks for the feedback! I will keep in mind your advices and believe that it will help me)
No, starting at 0:51 it’s an electric guitar)

My thoughts exactly. Piano and melody synth sounds cheap.

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Wow, great work!

Definitely would change the two lead voices. The half-note bass starting at the drop kind of kills it rhythmically speaking, I would add some more rhythm to the drop, and also the bass sound is a bit woofy, and could use a tad of bringing out.

Still, lots of great stuff there!



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