Need Advice - Track Rejected

I’m a first timer and my track got rejected. could any of you kindly take out time and review my item so i don’t repeat the mistake in my next submission.


Nice idea, but very weak production: poor layering, cheap samples, lack of rhythmic and dynamic development. You should use samples, more similar to real drums. If it is electronic or hybrid percussion, you should use more complex layering and transitions. And don’t forget about stoptimes and breaks - it helps a lot in montage.

thanks pilotaudio for your reply. i just had one more question. the samples I’ve used are from logic’s library. do you think a proper mixing job will make it sound better or should i completely ditch logic’s library and look for samples else where?

I don’t know what kind of samples you will use on track, where you’ll find it. This is entirely your creative. Just listen for that kind of tracks on AJ, compare overall sound and make new arrangement. Good luck!

good evening to all your team. I have a real problem. Since I try to pay the template (dandelion pro) in your site but the payment still refuses. I do not really know what’s wrong. please help me. it’s really urgent on my part