Need advice(review) from experience authors

Hey guys
It’s Tayfur from themezinho. Our latest submision get soft reject but reviewer “emiluzelac” did not provide any point to improve. I like to hear envato community to improve our item to be get approved


Here is the link

If he did not provided any feedback then it must be some sort of mistake. Resubmit and mention it in the message for reviewer section.

Check your line-height on the title of top slider.
Change the width on the dark grids. width: calc(100% - 36px);

Hey FB
Thanks for feedback. top slider line height looks fine to me . could you be more specific. Also dark post boxes i made as your advice same width with post width

thats all you can say ?

I am worry to resubmit because of emiluzelac. He is standing on his decidion even item is good. I need good luck other reviewers take a look the item. I create support ticket about more specific reason. Because I believe that design is not the issue. Do you have any advice about design ?

Your line-height is 66px to your slider. Try to change to 80px.
Also you can change the width on dark vgrids to 100% or to centered them
The other thing I can see is
I wish you all the best!

hey fb removed repeated post and change post thumb size with better resolution
about black post grids as you suggest.

Thanks for heads up. Slider line height increased


I resubmit and explain improvements-fixes and ask screenshot if there is something wrong.

Thanks LSVR