Need advice on hard reject item

I am posting here two links need your advice on what has been going wrong with me. I have been making attempts since Julu 2017.

Bad volume balance of instruments. Especially percussion. The motif is too “abstract”.

  1. The strings don’t sound very realistic.
  2. The motif is very dark and dissonant, but then changes into different moods. Library music should be straightforward. The clients are buying one mood, not a sequence of mood.
  3. The short electronic sounds are too stingy.
  4. The structure isn’t clearly defined. There is no build-up, the music doesn’t go in any direction. It’s just a slight variation of the same thing each time.
  5. The title isn’t accurate. “Cinematic” sounds different.

Try to respond yourself “in which video you can hear this music?” and “Do you want to buy this track being an consumer?”

Try to do something more “commercial”

Good luck!