Need Advice on GPLing Items, Pros and Cons?

Currently all our items here are closed source. Can any author here with GPL’ed items share their experience on it?

My Pros:

  • Can host / use tools freely in GitHub, Travis, Scrutinizer, Coveralls, etc

My Cons:

  • More knowledgable users would just search for the Github version and download from there.

Still can’t share on github if you’re exclusive.

Huh, even for just to host the repo and not for sharing?

Wow just found this by Googling:

@dtbaker So yeah, you can’t host it in Github. I saw your replies in there. So my one and only pro & con are both invalid.

Weird since if you do 100% GPL, then people who buy your stuff can put it up in Github and host their fork there. But you yourself can’t.

I guess that just means that “when someone buys your item it becomes 100% GPL” but “while the code is in your hands it’s -100% GPL”

So essentially there’s no benefit to going 100% GPL, except for WordPress items if you want to participate in WordCamps, but aside from that, nada.

I guess Envato isn’t encouraging anyone to go GPL, the option is just there for the sake of saying GPL is supported.

Pretty much