need advice on ecommerce platform


before i buy a template/theme I am hoping to find out if anyone has experience with any of the popular scripts… woo, open cart, magento, prestashop etc etc in relation to creating a complex menu/category/oredering procedure…

I am pretty sure that whichever platform I use I will need to do some custom work to get what I need… which is as follows:

I’m creating a ‘wholesale’ site for customers to place orders… not retail… and I have nested attributes that I need to be able to display in a logical way…

first level has say 20 different products… then for each of those products there are say 4 choices (eg colour/shape) THEN for each of those there are another 10 options… example…

product 1 with shape 2 then colour 8 = 1 product for order…

So apart from allowing the combination of attributes there are also adjustments to the price.

Would anyone have an opinion of the platform that will best allow me to customise either by adding modules or custom programming to achieve this?

Thanks for any guidance!


i would suggest WooCommerce. In case of you need some custom work, I could help, too.


Thanks! I’ll have a look at your themes now… should I just contact you via the user contact form?


Yes, you can via the contact form or directly via here. It doesn’t have to be my themes, by the way. If you like any others, I’m fine with providing support