need advice i think i have been sold a "green winnie" web devoloper not performing what can i do to save project?

I am starting to feel like I am being taken for a long ride to no where, I paid what and when they asked.
I can not get an answer to basic questions like estimated delivery date. I can only see screenshots and links.

The project manager is of no use and communication is always poor. The project started in April the contract stated 80 hrs. for delivery of phase 1.they said it was it was complete and to pay last 50% I made second payment and they asked me to pay phase 2 in full because they gave me a 50% discount for being 3 weeks overdue on phase 1. I paid what they asked and now July 3 it seams that my web site is no more complete to day then the first day I started.
Any advice ?
or am I going to have to take a big loss??

P.S. They came with 4 rating Is that 4 out of 10 they can not be 4 out of 5 " rating system" ???

Where did you find them?