NEED ADVICE FROM SEASONED AUTHORS - New listing vs stay with existing listing and continue to improve

Howdee! I need advice from seasoned authors at Codecanyon.

I have a product in mind that I’m hoping to become the next generation data visualization tool. Long story short, this is not a write until your finished type of product, it will evolve over time to follow market trends, technologies, etc. I just crossed my one year anniversary writing the script and I still have a long roadmap in my mind on where I want the to go.

My approach so far is, as the script reaches certain milestones in my roadmap and I’ve moved the needle significantly in terms of features/technologies/functionality, I’ve spawned new scripts and created new listings at codecanyon and leave previous ones available for sale as they are still very valid working products. I still have sales of previous scripts so there continues to be a market for them, even the more rudimentary ones. The advantage to this is I’m able to continue to generate traffic between scripts (e.g. one script drives traffic to another script etc) with SEO and the new script, at least temporarily goes to the top of the codecanyon category listing stack because it is a new item, where I get a pickup in sales overall.

MY QUESTION IS: is this the right thing to do? Or should I just stick to the one script and continue to improve it over time, even if it potentially be a never ending journey.

The disadvantage with current of approach of creating new listings is I’ve been accused of being a profiteer / opportunist that leaves trail of “abandoned” (even though I feel they are perfectly functional - I’m just not adding new features) scripts arbitrarily creating new ones just to stay on top of the stack (I have a new listing every few months or so).The biggest problem with staying with one listing is that it gets buried in the category’s listing stack over time and my potfolio becomes irrelevant and sales velocity slows down to a trickle.

Help! let me know your thoughts.