Need advice from experienced web designers

Please explain the technical requirements for Adobe XD templates.
The technical requirements say:

Technical Requirements

  1. When creating a new template make sure the width of the artboard is set to a preset device or use the industry standard 1440px wide layout. For mobile layouts select the preset of your choice.
  2. It’s also advisable to use Grids to quickly align objects to the layout. (12 column grid with 30px of gutter ).
  3. Define what the maximum container width should be. The width should be around 960px or 1140px.
  4. The item must not rely on any third-party plugin in order to function fully & properly.
  5. Use Pages to separate different screens and artboards for different variations such as responsive design, portrait/landscape screens, etc. Since Adobe XD files are lightweight the entire design must be stored in a single file.
  6. All text must be editable.
  7. Make sure all images are properly licensed for commercial use.
  8. It is recommended to use Assets for all reusable components like Buttons, Cards, etc.
  9. Use Text Styles for headlines and any other repeating text types (paragraphs, links, etc.).
  10. All basic shapes must be editable.
  11. All artboards pages and symbols must be clearly and logically labelled (related elements should be grouped into symbols, such as buttons, links, etc.).
  12. All layers and/or group must be clearly and logically labeled.
  13. There should be at least one dedicated assets page so that users can quickly and easily edit the assets used throughout the Adobe XD file in a centralized place.

From what I have written, I have questions:

  1. Can I use layout width only at 1140px no more? That is, I can’t make a layout in 1920px for a mobile device?
  2. It is indicated that it is desirable to use a grid, but as I understand it, they are not obliged to use a grid?

Or I can still make any width and predefined presets in Adobe XD ?

The wonders of Google translator from Russian :joy: