Need Advice for Recently Approved XD Template

Good Day,

In this COVID times, I hope everyone finds this message in great health and spirits.

First of All Thanks to ThemeForest Theme for such an amazing portal.

I just have joined the ThemeForest and have submitted my first Adobe XD Template which is approved in first Go.

WioStyle - Fashion & Clothing eCommerce Adobe XD Template

I have received a few great comments without any promotion and now planning to go for its advancements. I would like to hear your (ThemeForest Gurus) advice, how to proceed further.

My Plan is to Develop Html Template and then either develop Shopify or WordPress Theme or Custom Development?

Am I in the right direction or I should do something different.

Thanks in Advance
Muhammad Danish Khan

Nothing wrong with making a HTML version and then WordPress or/and Shopify, but what exactly do you mean by “Custom Development”?

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However, the fact that your design was approved in one category (Adobe XD in your case) doesn’t necessary mean it will be approved in other categories (like HTML or WP). Those categories are MUCH more competitive and usually have higher standards. Design which is good enough for one category may be far away from approval in other. So keep that in mind.

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i meant, development in custom framework like laravel, Yii2, django?

You need to make a market research yourself if it will be worth it for you. WordPress is the biggest market, but most overcrowded.

Thanks for your wise words. What would you do, if you would be my place.

I believe shopify theme would be better to go for.

I am a WP dev, so of course I would do a WP theme because that’s what I do. But I am me and you are you. I don’t know what skills you posses and what your goals are. If you think that Shopify is the way to go then go for it. Don’t make anyone decide it for you.