Need advice for my first theme purchase


I am looking for an eCommerce theme with a layout that I can use to make sites like this one:

I want it to be easy to use as I am a beginner. I want to be able to use it for as many sites as I want. I want it to have the feature of having the video on the front page as well. Would be great if it was laid out for high conversions.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.


  1. that site is way too basic and outdated to be approved here so the closest thing will be something like one of these✓#content

  2. you will never be able to use it on as many sites as you want. Each site will require a new license/purchase of the theme

  3. The video on the front page and the ease of use will be available in most of the ones linked above. That said you could just as easily build something like your link using more or less any multi-purpose theme