Need advice for a beginner

Need advice for a beginner
Hi guys, I have this question.
Drawn 45 objects of the urban environment in vector,
and divided them into small packs by topic.
So what is the best way to fill them, with one common in 45 objects or 6 mini-packs but by topic (trash cans, bus stops, shop windows, entrances, benches, window frames)?
Thank you for attention!

P.S. I would not want to rush, but who knows how long it takes for a work to be submitted?

I would separate them into packs, then later on release them as a bundle, where a buyer can get all the illustrations for a slightly cheaper price than if they were to buy each pack separately. Submit them a few days apart, not all at once.

You can see the average review times for the different categories, which will give you an idea as to how long it’ll take for your item to be reviewed, however, it can be longer or shorter, nevertheless, your item will be reviewed. Though there’s no guarantee it will be accepted if it doesn’t meet the quality standard of the site.

Review times:

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Oooh thanks for the link. Yes, I understand that they may not accept the job … therefore, when creating it, I tried to do it as a package with the hope that it would be useful to someone. I do not harbor illusions, but anticipation and anticipation haunt me)))