Need advice after five hard rejects of solid work

This looks like a community where folks help each other out, so I’m reaching out for some input. I’ve been recording music for a long time, so my five submissions reflect a lot of hard work and skills, yet all five were hard rejected. I need to understand the disconnect in order to determine whether to continue submission or just continue showcasing my music elsewhere. Please take a listen to these two submissions and give me some constructive feedback from an “audio jungle” perspective. Greatly appreciated.


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It’s nice atmospheric cinematic background. I don’t know why it was rejected. May be because it’s not in “audiojungle” style.

I love your sound. It’s great for listening. It can used on some scientific, fiction projects or technology video…
Try some other markets with your music.
Check this popular items for “commercial tune” mate.

I think the “Kind of blue” song has a very long or “slow” intro, apparently AJ wants “get to the point” much sooner…but who knows, lately is hard to understand the reasons behind a rejection.

Oftentimes, choice of category may affect a track’s approval or rejection. While a “Corporate” track needs to sound somewhat “Corporate”, there’s considerably more leeway in (less popular) categories such as Ambient > Atmospheres, Soundscapes or Experimental, Abstract.

Thanks DP, I think they are pretty good too. Just trying to figure out the criteria.

Thanks, Long. I think there is a place for my compositions, it’s just finding the right niche here. I put them in the “ambient” category. Should they have been in a different, and possibly better, category?

Hey Sonic, you may be right about the long lead in. Although things don’t change much once the piece gets underway. Once the mood is established it seems a reviewer would know whether it is a “good fit” for the category.

Hey EightBall, thanks for the input. I don’t remember seeing a “corporate” category. I placed these two compositions in the “ambient” category with tags like atmospheric, and trance. Although I noticed that many of the listings in the “ambient” category included the word “corporate” in their titles. I can see how that would help a buyer, but can’t see how that impacts a rejection. Still a mystery.