Need advice about rejected hip-hop

What wrong with this track?

Cool beginning and main theme, but then it became monotonous, and breakdown is too complex for AJ music.
And try to work with master frequency.

Thank you very much for the advice.


I think the reason of rejection could be this:

1- too messy in 0:50. That sounds fine if you are playing live, but I think is distracting for AJ.
2- There is almost no bass! and I mean bass instrument, not overall low end. Kick is fine, but you need bass.



I think there are not enough additional batches to make the track more interesting. There are also a lot of repetitions, and the breakdown is too complicated for the market. Something like this at first glance. It’s my personal opinion. Good Luck!

The base of the track is perfect, the only thing is now to be able to properly “sequence” it to add some variety.
It is too repetitive and monotous, and then at 0:50 it goes crazy :slight_smile:
You should listen to lady_beatz. Their beats are really chopped like yours, and you will see that the structure is always the same (visible on the waveforms!), at around 0:50, things calm down, with usually a “woosh” effect, a filter, and some elements removed.

They do the opposite as yours: the middle is more simple, quiet.
And they (I say they because I don’t know if the producer is male or female) use nice tricks to add variations so your ears is always interested, even though it is in fact basically always the same loop.

Thanks everybody for detailed feedback. I really really appreciate your advices!

Agreed with people above. It is a nice track, just needs some bass and couple of other sample filler cuts here and there or something like that, to spice things up, but without that jam part in the middle.