Need a Wordpress Theme with Ecommerce Facility but without any financials involved

Hi Team,
I am looking out for a word press theme which is has the feel of a E-commerce site, but there is no financial transaction involved in the 1st phase. the customer can only hire the product online and the details to be mailed to my client who in return would confirm the order from the customer and drop the products at the designated place mentioned in the form. the site should also have the feature to maintain the products details such and inventory, pre booking, and provide reports on timely basis. it should also have a feature to maintain our customers details.
can you guys help me in this regards

Maybe instead of searching for a theme try to find a plugin that will transform any woocommerce theme into something like this? And do you want someone to hire products in the term that those products have to be returned later? Or you mean order but the transaction is happening outside of the website?