need a web app designer

I am designing a website i want to build two web apps

app1:allows people to refer members to my site and track number of refred people by user

app2:allow users to pay to my account using pay pal

i am comfortable with other coding can any one write the code for the ABOVE APP

if you can plase contact me at .we will discuss the cost of the project

As you mentioned above you need a WEB APP DESIGNER not Developer, but your requirement seems need to develop the App, Let me clear plz.

I am simply looking for a person who can build the above web applications for me.Hope its clear now :smile:

If you are interested don’t forget to contact me at

Please define the difference between a Designer and a Developer so I can direct my inquiries to the proper place.

Also, identify the proper Envato Catagories/Tags that Designer inquires should be directed and the proper Catagories/Tags that Developer inquires should be directed so that I won’t waste anyone’s time and efforts.

Thank you.