Need a track with a subtle build up followed by an immediate upbeat music

I’m making a video (for personal use) of a trip I made with my friends. We did many adventure sports and I wanted to create a montage of the video footage I’ve got.

I want a music which will have a slow build up in the beginning (less than 1min) basically to show the fear before performing the bungee jump. And then immediately switch to an upbeat music as soon as they jump.

Can anyone suggest me a suitable track? Preferably royalty free.

Hello @JRodDynamite!

I don’t know exactly in what genre you’d like the track to be and that’s why suggestion is based on guessing. Here is a track that fits the description provided that I’d suggest (I’ve seen some projects with this kind of trip vlog using this track - and it worked nice)

Good luck with your search!
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Here an upbeat song for you))

Hi friend,
Please take a listen to my tracks here :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Try this. It will sound great when you will connect it with sound recorded by camera on the bass drop.

Hi @JRodDynamite,

If indie rock can be considered, I’ve got one. The intro here is only 8 sec, but if you like the style and the idea we can talk about a custom edit:


Hey @JRodDynamite,

Have a go with my track below. There’s a one minute version with bass building up to action packed sports rock.

Best of luck with your video!

With a gradual increase in 1 minute, the tracks are not welcome in the jungle. as far as I know. Can be done at the beginning of the sound recorded in the camera and then there is music in the time of the first extreme actions.

Hey, please check one of these, may be they could work for you

Hi @JRodDynamite
Maybe one of the tracks suits you :slight_smile: