Need a theme with ability to enter contact info at top when website comes up that offers a multisite license

Can anyone recommend a theme that allows people to enter contact information in or around the header when the website comes up like this website? I actually like this theme but they don’t sell multisite licenses so I’d have to purchase an individual license for each website and hope there is a multisite license similar theme available.

  • there will be very few places that give multiple licenses per theme - definitely not on Envato and we aren’t going to recommend another company on this forum :slight_smile:
  • look at marketing themes, there are HTML templates or WordPress themes which come with what you want
  • you will most likely need to tie it into a service such as Mailchimp which will handle the email database side.

Thank you, Gareth. While I have purchased themes with multiple licenses in the past, there hasn’t been anything like what I’d like now that has the contact input fields in, or near, the header. I may have to just have to suck it up and purchase a license for my desired theme for each website.