Need a theme like this Pandora Bracelet Designer

Hi all,
I need a theme like this Pandora Bracelet Designer >>>

My clients to create their own design for BRACALET

Wordpress pls!!!

Tank you !

This is not template than custom made designer. There is no solution of the box.
Only that your client hire someone who will make such designer. But such things will cost 2500$ +

@Zaccc is right, out-of-box solution is not possible and the cost would be higher
In case of interest, you can contact me with some more details:

Alright, this is basically a ‘design your own’ module kind of a thing.
It could be ‘design your own bracelet’, ‘design your own t-shirt’, ‘design your own headboard’ etc.
These are the sites we did that have their relevant ‘design your own’ functionality.

And this type of feature is cost effective ONLY if you get it done out of wordpress because in wordpress it is not possible. As wordpress only follows it’s default checkout process.

Design your own Shirt
Design your own tickets
Design your own headboard

Send me an email and we can discuss it further… I can get it done for you at an affordable price.

You can make what ever you want in WordPress If you know how to make it.
And you can change “default checkout process”.

My whole products cost $ 5 and $ 25. I can not pay $ 2,500. They are beginning. I just started selling a few!

Thanks for the tips!
I wish you a wonderful day!