Need a template to only show some products to all and some to only signed in people

I need a template for a company in which i want to show some of the products to all users but some of the products only to those who are signed in ( sign in option should be both - website as well as social ). I also want a feature so that users can add products to favorites and can send an email to the owner with list of favorite marked products.
I could not find such template for wordpress, so please suggest me if you come across some or should i develop this website in php ?

Hello @dev_vidhata,

You will not find full out of box solution . You will need use some custom code.
If you want you can contact me and we can talk about your project.


You wont get any theme with this functionality. Look for a plugin, you might find one.

you can contact with us :slight_smile:

This can be done in any template through Customization. Please look at the following two templates in which we can give you the feature through customization.

Let me know about your requirement and willingness on

Thanks a lot

To give access you will need to create group access levels ie, members, subscribers etc. As they mentioned above, you will need further theme coding, and maybe a white-list product plugin to allow product-mark feed back. I’d suggest contacting a developer as this would not be a vanilla theme/template Good luck.

Did you get the solution?