Need a template that can produce the following

Hi I hope someone can point me in the right direction, I have been asked to update our website, The header menu needs to be customisable - transparent into solid on page scroll, when the menu it is hovered over it should turn solid and show list of menu items under the main menu with a full width background (mega menu?) include a language dropdown, search icon and contact us button, logo and menu items. The header needs to have an image slider that is behind the menu, within the page I need to create some content sliders vertical and horizontal to display cards (carousel?) The search icon should load a search full width block below the menu. I need a floating sidebar nav for some pages,

I have included screenshots.

I have the Avada theme but wanted to see if there was a better template to fit my requirements.

Thanks in advance


It’s custom work. Drop me an email if you’re looking for paid support