Need a solution to create invoices from a CSV file input - use PDF?

I have a CSV file and want to create invoices and print out onto A4 sheets

I’ve researched and it seems that creating HTML output and then printing might not be a good idea? (Any comments on this would be great)

My invoices need to be really well designed – that’s a big part of the idea I’m developing

What I would love to have is to have a template PDF that has place holders – the CSV fields would then populate and generate a PDF for every record in the CSV file

I’ve seen one bit of code for sale that uses the FPDF PHP class. I assume this generates the PDF from scratch through code as opposed to using a ready made template

Not sure if I’ll get a good reply on this question – but I thought I’d try asking anyway :slight_smile:



Printing HTML is not a bad idea. You can always code a template that prints well.

If you are looking for a (custom) script that will allow you to use pre-defined templates to generate PDF invoices, contact me via my profile page.

Also include sample invoice template in email, if possible.