Need a single post page with image and thumbnails/slider

Hello -
I need a way to create a single post page with a larger image and additional, “clickable” images (or thumbnail slider) below. I thought that this is a very simple layout many plugins will do, but I can’t find a solution, even after spending 1 week of research. (As I wasn’t able to add a picture, I tried to simulate the layout (without functionality) under the following URL: )
Does anyone has a tip how to achieve this? (I’m satisfied with the pro theme I use and don’t need a complete theme. Just a site template, if possible.) I’m new to WP and I don’t have knowledge about coding. (Unfortunately my projects doesn’t generate revenue, so I’m not able to hire a professional).

With best regards and sorry for some broken English - Reca

Sorry, I forgot to say, I would be thankkful for your help. :slight_smile:- Regards