Need a second opinion on a Facebook question

This may sound like a strange question, but Is there any way to pass submitted form data from a wordpress website to Facebook messenger? Thanks.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Do you want to use data from a form to initiate a conversation with the same person on Facebook messenger?

It’s a client of mine who is convinced this is possible. He wants to have someone submit form information either through messenger or on his website and then for his website to send the submitted data to messenger. I have included his comment below:

“My experience knows that the form data is accessible via JavaScript (not just the limitations you mention). My line of questioning was could I access that data and load it into the message before sending. There has to be some sort of object on the message. If that object is accessible, then we could load the data through that mechanism. Perhaps JavaScript or python or some other technology.”

If I am understanding you correctly there is a plugin called “send to messenger” and “checkbox” which should help?

FYI depending where you are based when GDPR comes in from May your client is going to need their terms and data configuration very carefully checked if they want to use this method.

Are these through CodeCanyon, because I can’t seem to locate them? Thanks for your help.

Or maybe this one

Really depends on exactly what they want to do

Perfect, thank you for your help!

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