Need a review on my theme.

Can you please review my new WordPress theme. Here is the link:

Any suggestion/changes will be much appreciated.

Is it rejected or soft rejected ?

Hard rejected… :persevere:

I think it was rejected because it’s too similar to already approved items, You need to add more unique details

Thank you for you comment. Can you please suggest me on what should I Change.

If it rejected then you need to change everything there is no straight forward answer to your question.

Hello @BeSquares, I have changed the theme. Please check it here :

Any improvements will be much appreciated.


I think second one better than first theme but i still think it will be rejected

Any reason why. It is customisable by the user. User can customise the banner, header, blog layout and even the sidebar. I cannot get a specific reason why it get rejected every time.

I don’t know if it will be rejected or not you can re-brand it and submit again to see yourself but I don’t think having many customization can help you, Customer is simply buying a theme not customization settings no one have time to customize everything in a theme

A suggestion: That “getting bigger” effect on image hovers make your site look very amateur. Generally, your themes look good, but some small details & extreme effects kill everything.