Need a quote.



I use a theme called Magee onetone pro. I have installed visual composer and it does not show up in the home page editor. The editor is the same as all the other pages except the home page has 15 sections that can be used for different purposes. Or you click the custom option and each section becomes like all the other sections. There is even a load order for each section and a check box whether you want a section to load or not.

What I am wanting is for visual composer to load in each section so I can use it on my homepage. It works fine on all the other pages but if it would work on my home page there is so much more custom work I can do. The php files for each section is in one folder. And each file has the section number as part of the bane of the file. So all that has to be done is write the code to load into each section. Having all those options on my home page would be awesome. The reason I do not contact Magee themes is because they suddenly are not there anymore not offering anyone any support even though they still sell the themes.

And I was told by visual composer that I needed to get someone who does this type of thing to give me a quote. I have the pro theme version if anyone wants to take a look.


Check for vetted freelancers


In case of interest:


Okay. Sounds good. Have to wait till after the first of the month when I get paid before I can do anything. But here is my site in case you want to get a general idea of what you will be dealing with.


Okay got my check. Question: Do you need to look at what you are dealing with before I pay for the work, or are you positive you can do this?


I’m positive but the price may be different. Once you’re ready, I will check the website before pricing