Need a quote management system between users of my site

Hi guys !

What I am looking and I never found … A quote management plugin!

Some explanations / Operating ideas:

Guest access: A user fills out a form quote request from different criteria (customizable form) add items he/she needs to buy, could even be a grocery list. It has a dashboard for monitoring its requests. Users can quickly share the projects to their online community, choose specific users and share the form with them. These users can them edit the price fields of the quote and send back to the first user, this user will then can choose the best price from all the prices sent on something he/she need to buy and choose to make the purchase.

Professional access: After logging in with their profile, professionals can consult all quotation requests and reply directly from the site. Detailed profile section can not only insert some basic information but also upload their portfolio for reference. They can send an attachment. They can also get in touch with the customer with an integrated messaging. One can limit the number of response.

Live notification system: Users will be notified every important action happens on the site to catch up with what’s happening: - Based on the criteria, registered professionals receive an email informing them of a new application. - Visitors receive an email informing them that a quote was filed.

Review System for Both Sides: Users can review each other once the project’s completed.

So it’s a bit like a freelancer platform without bidding system but for purchases…

If someone already knows something like that or is able to create it, let me know!

Thank you

What is your budget for making such plugin?

You definitely won’t find anything like that in any stock marketplace.

That sounds like a serious custom development (depending on how rigid all of the requirements are).