Need a plugin to provide a counter for number of entries in a category.

We are creating a directory of community services being offered that will be password protected. However, we would like to celebrate the number of organizations providing different types of services. Each service type would have a category. I would like to find a solution that a counter could collect the number of entries in a category and display on a public facing site. I can’t find any solutions but doesn’t seem that difficult. Any ideas?

Best practice would be if you contact the author of the theme you purchased.
How to contact the author

Though if help is still needed from the community here,
Please provide more information if you can. Is your website built with WordPress? Are the entries custom post types? Is a site builder used or not and what kind of theme do you use (if possible), etc…

Building a site on wordpress and likely using a store builder with custom post types for the categories (services). Just wanting to keep the store finder search screen behind a password but have a public facing counter of the number of organizations that provide a specific service. For example, 32 organizations provide a specific service and have checked that category.

A store builder is likely already including a counter for category entries by default.