Need a Plugin ASAP

:rocket: Attention Developers! :rocket:

We need your expertise to craft a powerful WordPress plugin for our Eco Shares Program, seamlessly compatible with WooCommerce. This plugin should empower our users with:

:earth_africa: Eco Shares Product Integration: Make Eco Shares products in WooCommerce with detailed SDG project information.

:bust_in_silhouette: Member Account Features: Create user accounts showcasing investments, Eco Shares, and earned dividends.

:money_with_wings: Reinvestment Functionality: Enable members to reinvest funds and Eco Shares with ease.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Secondary Market for Eco Shares: Implement a platform for members to sell and purchase Eco Shares.

:bar_chart: Dashboard and Reporting: Design a user-friendly dashboard for insights into investments and earnings.

:bell: Notifications and Alerts: Set up alerts for dividend payouts, investment cycles, and important updates.

:shield: Security and Compliance: Ensure robust security and compliance with regulations.

If you’re up for the challenge of developing this dynamic WordPress plugin, let’s collaborate and bring the Eco Shares vision to life! :herb::sparkles:

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This isn’t something for a stock marketplace and unless you have a budget that is well into the tens of not hundreds of thousands of $.

That’s before you get into maintenance, security, and hosting requirements let alone trading regulation.

I’d be beyond wary of anyone, even one of the best devs on here, who thinks they are can deliver a fully legit version of this without a big team and huge budgets.

Ultimately the risk will fall on you - so you need to be very very careful how you approach something like that.

Thank you for tips.
But the idea is to have a simplefied plugin that does mimic our manual administrative labor.

That’s the problem. What you are asking for is not basic functionality and WordPress is not really intended for this type of application.

When you are talking about financial data and transactions you create all sorts of legal and technical considerations which require a different level of expertise and cost.

If there was some kind of pre built app that could be integrated to handle certain elements then you may be able to minimise the challenges

I’m also sure there are devs/products out there that pose as being able to do a lot of this but a) your list is extensive and I’d be amazing if it didn’t require significant custom builds, and b) if you cut corners or go cheap and something goes wrong you could be facing big trouble

It’s important to be realistic that premium/proper apps and tech to do this type of thing would be worth 6 figure plus so nothing on a marketplace where items tend to be under $100 is going to be able to come anywhere close even if purpose built

If there is a plugin that mimics a dashboard where a member can keep track of their activities and invested funds that accummulates overtime then by all means do share.

Regarding your idea yes it’s possible but in order to be on the same page in terms of development and understanding with your plugin specs.

Let’s discuss about the details via my envato profile email please.

Looking forward to deliver you a great and a ultimate solution.

Thank you