Need a lot of things for my youtube channel. (As I dont have my own PC)

I have my youtube channel that I want to customize it.

Channel - Darkchaser (with tm on the end)

I am a very busy person and I dont have time on my hands to do the logo, background photo, intro video and outro. The theme is dark and epic and being mysterious.

Please help me out as I am willing to pay. I did one transaction here before requesting for my intro video and envato changed their web settings and platform that I lost the details. I have paid somebody here before to do it for me but I lost all our messages.

I will choose my own intro outro video and all I want is to customize and render it for me playable with mobile formats specifically apple devices in ULTRA HD file.

with my own logo and youtube profile picture, I dont know where to get aside from graphics section, but I will try to look for some files on that section.

Thanks in advance. Payment is through envato account of course as I dont want to get scammed paying outside envato mode of payments.


Check my portfolio, maybe Ii can do something for you:

My email:


I like your horror titles as intro and fast glitch logo as outro but with words, comment, like subscribe doable? Or what u suggest. Im still searching for logo to put in.

Just something to note… there’s no way to make payments through an Envato account, unfortunately. You can hire a freelancer through Envato Studio though… find a service that fits your needs and order and pay through the site etc.

You’re welcome to find somebody here on the forums, and I’m sure there will be plenty of suitable candidates… but you’ll have to figure out a suitable payment solution between yourselves. Good luck!

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Note taken. Sorry been gone for long and I just came back XD

My audio logo

Check out my logo please

Hello, Darkchaser. I think you’ll like it)