Need a Learning Management System

We are creating a site that is based on students signing up for a type of certificate or diploma where they have to complete certain tasks. Each task gives them a point. After so many points, they would earn the diploma. Any suggestions for this? Working with some LMS options, but they seem like overkill for what we are doing. Thanks for any suggestions in advance!

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Can you give more details ? What task they need to make? What kind of diploma you offer?

We are creating a system where high school juniors and seniors have the chance to earn a work ethic diploma by completing a certain number of tasks. If they complete enough tasks, they receive a certificate. Here is what we are trying to do.

  1. Students can enroll online or teachers can add them.

  2. Students must complete 20 out of 40 possible activity points to receive the certificate. Activities include passing a drug test, not being tardy in school, etc. Each activity has options, i.e. if you are absence 1 time you get 3 points, if you are absent 3 times, you get 2 points. Etc. Teachers should be the only ones checking off activities.

  3. We want Students and Parents to see their progress but can be a single account with the same login for students and teachers.

  4. We only want Teachers to be able to check off on certain activities and to see the students progress.

  5. We want to provide a page where all those who have the diploma will automatically show up for potential employers either on a public page or on a page for a specific user type.

Let me know if you have any other questions. We have been working on an out of the box LMS but it just isn’t doing what I want it to do.


You can definitely check Eduma and Course Builder which are two of the most popular themes for Education and they are using LearnPress LMS as the Learning Management System.

Check Eduma:

Check Course Builder:

After finishing the course by taking lessons, passing quizzes, etc, students can get the certificate. You can check the video tutorial about how to create the Certificate in LearnPress LMS here:

You can make payment in your currency and let students pay per course or pay per month (subscription model)

It’s very flexible and completely up to you.

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