Need a help.

Hello, I have a soft reject item. Somehow my harddisc crashed and I had to change my hard disc. Soft reject issue was about contact information in the desctiption. I have removed that contact portion and saved it. My item still not accepted. If I had to upload the same file again and I have not the source file because of my hard disc crash, what should I do?

If you have soft reject, just wait review time… Now, if you get hard reject the only i can think is to open a ticket.
Maybe envato team can help you, to send you your zip file for example. But I’m not sure about that…
Just try! Cheers… ; -)

Since changing the description doesn’t require review, I think you’ll need to change something that requires review, like add/remove a tag or upload the thumbnail again. And then write in the Message to the Reviewer section that you’ve removed that part from the description.

There is a trick to download soft-rejected items, not sure if this still works though:

In the URL below, just replace “Username” with your username, and replace “ItemIDNumber” with the ID number of your soft-rejected item (the ID number of your item is shown in the URL of the item).

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very interesting comment thanks :slight_smile:

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It works. Thanks a lot OsamaSayegh.

Glad I could help. You’re welcome :smile:


u are a good solution maker for people getting here , u could aspire to being a community super star … too bad that this is not being used as it should be and not rewarding the right people …

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Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate that a lot.

As to rewarding me, I’m already honored to have the Community Superstar badge on my profile, and to get the Amazing Forum Superstar badge twice. Yeah, twice since it’s one-month badge, which means it goes away after one month. So I think I’m pretty good, aren’t I? :smile:

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Just kidding your input is awesome! Careful it’s a slippery slope and dangerous distraction!

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yes sorry i had not noticed yet, then, if u ask me , this is really a stupid rule, i have no idea why people cannot get community superstar status as any other badge thesis really difficult to be just that and for that matter it should be rewarded by being something that people keep. In addition, it would prevent the same people from having several times and to prevent people who deserve to be from being delivered this title and badge, i am thinking of @nathanknight, @tmcom and a couple of other who would have definitely deserved to get this badge after spending so much time to help other , but who were not given anything in the end …

I doubt if nominating someone in a topic that’s entitled “Need a help” will be noticed :laughing:
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hi , i am not nominating someone, besides i used to do fulfill the official form to mention about these people and they did not get anything as far as i know …indeed, i was just mentioning that some people would deserve , this is all , i also have doubt that our nominations have any impact on this kind of decision …