Need a good library or vst for harmonics!

Hi guys, is there any good but free library or vst which can be used for that awesome lead sound that you can usually hear in corporate tracks around here :slight_smile: Something like Wavesfactory Harmonix (which I’ll buy as soon as I get a chance)


You are in luck if you use Kontakt. Fencidat built a free tool and posted it in This AJ Thread!
Just apply some delay and you are on your way.

I’ve downloaded that one yesterday, it’s fantastic! It’s palm muted guitar sound, but I’d also like to have a library with harmonics :smiley:

Wavesfactory Harmonix is one you hear often. It’s very good and inexpensive.

Take you look on “stranger harmonics” patch from “evolve mutations” kontakt library, many authors are using this one.

I use Evolve mutations from Kontakt and Factory library

Wavesfactory Harmonix is far better and more cleaner then Evolve Mutations - Stranger Harmonics
If you have a bit better speakers, you can hear that there are some bad noises in it except Wavesfactory, wish is very very clean and can be chorded pretty nice…I choose Wavesfactory because it sounds better and it’s cheap! :smile:

I’ll hear it, thanks :wink:

Thank you all, you’ve helped me a lot!