Need a Feedback on Reject

Here the Files:

There are few versins(without melody and with).

Any Ideas about reject and reasons?


Sorry can’t help you with “This track was not found. Maybe it has been removed”, try to deal with it. And we’ll speak up. :slight_smile:

Hi , i’m sorry about that=)
Can you Help me with this :

Well there is a lot to consider about in my opinion.
That main melody is so straightforward and loud, like it was not enough it still appears on bridge, not helping to release a pressure at all.
Bass and kickdrums are fighting with each other, probably some eq will help, try to learn how each instrument should have it their main frequency.
Not enough layering imho, you need to add some more background loops or instruments to make it sound a little more big (not loud) and busy.
Acoustic guitar sound a little bit offbeat in my opinion.
I’d say your samples is ok (i like those claps), but production need a big work.
And it’s sound very raw, like no effects at all (reverb and delay your main partners in AJ sound, but again don’t overdo).
You need to work on your production skills.
Everything else sounds alright. Fight & Learn. Good luck with this. :wink:

wow! really good feedback - thank you a lot.

But, ‘‘bass and kickdrum fighting’’ - this is a big surprise for me, coz i really don’t hear it, are you sure about it?

Sorry i didn’t specify it, that one on 0:32 seems a bit weird to me, just a bit of tweaking the rest is ok i think. But anyway it’s all in my opinion, music is very subjective thing to discuss :blush:

Thanks a lot,
As a thanks, if you want, i could post comments on few of your items.

hehe alrighty, i’ll write to you when i’ll get accepted :smile:

ok=) waiting