Need a feedback before uploading on themeforest

Currently I have finished my coming soon template and I need your feedback and critique before I upload it.
Do I have a chance to be accepted for sale? All remarks and suggestions are welcome!

Great job man. Good luck fo the approval :slight_smile:

I think you should optimize.

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But overall good job!

I agree, it’ll probably be an instant accept. I would suggest you to increase margins in quotes section, it looks a bit flattened with small margins.

© 2016 ThemeImperia | All Rights Reserved at the very end also misses a padding, put some space below paragraph, I would suggest you the identical padding / margin you used on " Contact " at the beginning of this section.

Last thing I would suggest you is to use same width: 100%; padding: 0 1em; in the hero section too.

Good luck and great job!!!

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It’s not bad but I think it will be a close call - it’s not hugely original and various typographic aspects could be improved esp. the portfolio hover copy

Good luck

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