Need a Envato template for CRM

HI I am looking for a CRM template that serves my purpose for the following requirement :slight_smile:
Three types of login required : Admin, supervisor, and end user(registered user)
Client provides short loans to its customers ( that are majorly employees private/govt.) wants a CRM where he can manage client loans and EMI, user/client can check pending and paid emi’s, can apply for new loan etc. Supervisor to manage the client accounts as well. Please Suggest.

Almost certainly you will not find this out of the box and require quite a lot of custom development and integration.

  • The login tiers alone will need custom addiitions, work and/or plugins

  • The level of security and hosting encryption you would need with that much personal and financial info is going to be very high and expensive.

  • To be honest, WP is not really the solution for managing this level of sensitive data and it would almost always (in a professional sense) be handled using a custom developed build or subscription-based software.

If you have the budget you can talk to devs on about building something but:

  1. You will need several thousand of $

  2. You need to be 110% confident in their ability given the potential risks you ar taking with peoples’ data

Thanks Charlie… Great help.
I found a template , can this be used with some customization.

Potentially - on the surface it sounds like it would do al or of why you are after.


  • I would be very sceptical of a $30 solution to something which should cost thousands

  • the item comments don’t bode well if you run into trouble

  • sounds like setup can be quite tricky and you need to test that it can integrate without error into whatever wider theme, website template and especially server configurations that you plan to use

Thanks for the guidance Charlie…