Need a developer OSCLASS plugin to manager INSTAGRAM ; FACEBOOK ; TWITTER post in website

We need a plugin that extends the functionalities of osclass Evolution 4.3

The plugin should allow user to post and display his facebook and instagram on the website specially photo
The plugin should have a interface admin to allow administrator to custom functionalities of the plugin to allow post or denied
The plugin should give dashboard user overview higher post for other user like trending post or photos likes (example INSTAGRAM)
The plugin dashboard user allow them to pay virtual point provide by the admin point to Move Top the post on the main website

The paymenet we use only Paypal gateway , i will provide you more details how we want to use is as form provide by API Paypal.

We can also pay (a fair price) for just the Suggestion for a (working) plugin that already exists, no matter if opensource or paid/commercial.

I suggest you look at because this is not going to be cheap and using that platform you have some degree of official protection