Need a Designer Partnership! Can get Design approved on ThemeForest

We want to partnership with Designer. The designer should able to produce the unique and great designs.

What will you get?

  1. 30% Share on HTML template Sales
  2. 25% Share on WordPress Sales. (WordPress development and approval is tough so this share cnnot be increased. )

Note if you are able to provide Photoshop design and HTML/CSS both, then share in html would be 75%, and in WordPress 50% .


  1. Design will be uploaded to our Portfolio (However we can give you upfront balance before uploading to our portfolio)
  2. We will decide if your design is good for WordPress category or it needs improvements. If need improvements we will ask you.
  3. You should have a good portfolio.

Also note: WordPress development and approval takes upto 2 months. So we are expecting 2 designs in 1 month for now only.

Just curiosity, let’s assume I could code it for HTML as well, why should I agree with 75% whilst I could upload it on my account and get 100%?

A good PSD design takes 3 to 7 days to be Designed. With all search and planning.

Then PSD to HTml takes upto 7 days as well to convert and upload.

WordPress takes 1 month for development, then 30 days of review queue and so many soft rejects.

If we are using someone’s HTML WordPress would still need some changes in html sections as per suggestions of reviewers we will be doing that. … That’s why we will take 25% of Share in HTMl as well , also all support related stuff will be handled by us.

We are basically searching for a good Designer we have HTML/CSS guys in our team.

You become the owner of the design rights after you publish it to your account. And designer loses all the rights to its work, and he can only hope that if the template(WP) earns 1 million, then pay him his share.
I think your conditions are not fair enough that one of the designers working for TF has agreed to this.

I understand your concern. The Designer and coder both are different people. If one person do both jobs the result they produce does not impress a lot to world.

Its hard for a WordPRess theme to reach 1 Million $ Sales. And the partnership is a trust anyone who can trust on us can share their design with us.

And as i wrote i can provide upfront share. Means designer can talk to me if they want 200$ or 300$ as UpFront before handing over their design to us and a written agreement between us.

The share will work like. WordPress total Sales Earning’s share which will be shared 15th of each month same as envato pay! thanks.


I sent you a message via your profile contact form.

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