Need a custom module for a eCommmerce site


I have a specific need for an eCommerce site - which I think will require a custom module. I am open to whichever eCommerce platform is recommended. Are there any freelance devs that could help?

The function I need is…

Upon purchasing a product, I need to provide customers with a unique QR code that is generated from the purchase ID. This QR code will need to be unique for every product - so not a QR code that links to a product page (such modules already exist).
This QR code will act as a security code to open a lock-box that is located in a building.
I can’t find any add-on that currently works like this, that’s why I’d like to hire someone to build one.

Hope someone can help

This sounds like you might need to look at the the other way round….

The random code, while not a small, easy, or cheap job, is still achievable.

How you then get the lock-box to recognise that code is an entirely different matter and separate from the website.

Either way this is not a job for someone here or on any stock marketplace. (Anyone here that claims they can do it is lying).

The speciality of the ask and the ongoing maintenance, let alone the security considerations involved would be huge costs, and you have to have stuff like that looked at by a specialist agency (or more likely lock/collection type business).

My advice would be to look for something as close to what you want as possible online then contact whoever makes it and see if they could white label something similar to meet your requirements.

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the detailed reply and advice.

In regards to the lock-box, you are correct, and yes we already have an agency building these and they will manage security/maintenance concerns. We are working with them to set-up the QR code part.

So yes, getting the lock-box to recognise the code is definitely the main challenge. A shared database perhaps? I’m not sure about this part.
If this marketplace isn’t the best place, how does one find a dev-for-hire?


There are plugins for WooCommerce that allow you to generate unique QR codes tied to customer orders, for example this one:

As well as WooCommerce event ticketing systems that support QR codes:

Perhaps one of these could be a good solution!