Need a business directory script for WordPress that a 71 yr old person can easily use!

  1. I am a 71 yr old marketer specializing mainly in of-f-line marketing. I had someone build this website for me, a local community portal.

  2. As part of my prospecting locally for new clients, I am offering all businesses in my county FREE listings, under their own categories (types of business) on the HOME page.

  3. Since the listing I am offering will be free, I cannot pay someone else to enter the free listings I am giving away.

  4. So I need to be able to enter these free listings by myself. The builder used WORDPRESS to build the site and Elementor Pro. He spent an hour training me on how to create new categories and ener listings into them. Honestly, I find it hard and tedious.

  5. I am looking to acquire a script that will work with the WORDPRESS website but that will enable me to just enter the free listings without much trouble.

  6. The free listings are basic:
    Name of the business owner
    Business name
    Street address
    City, State, Zip

  7. Can you guide me as to a good WORDPRESS script, etc that can be used to replace the current home page and that will show the categories, listings and be easy to use by this 71 yr old marketer? I look forward to hear from you. Thanks.
    Al, Florida, USA

Hi Al, I am 71 too and asking for help on the forum. Teaching old dogs new tricks, these are waters that 71 year olds need help swimming in. I hope you get lots of help. Sissi B.

Thanks Sissi. Good luck

If it was my website I would consider looking for a listings theme on themeforest rather than just a script.

  1. With repsect, what you have does not look great

  2. There are plenty of good listing themes on codecanyon BUT you need to make sure that works with the (basic) theme you are using and the styling will never match.

  3. if you look at listing themes (you don’t have to use all the advanced features) then you will get:

  • a far better looking website
  • lifetime of updates which presumably your existing dev is not
  • months support (check terms of service and inclusions)
  • a purpose built in listings tools which looks and works like the original theme


  1. I did not build the website. Someone from Fiverr did it for me. Part of the deal was that he would train me to manipulate by adding categories, listings, etc.

  2. So you understand, I am a local off-line marketer. I had this new site built just as a way to get local prospects. I will offer them FREE listings on my website just for meeting with me for a free presentation on my marketing services that I offer them to help them increase their sales.

  3. When the Fiverr guy finished building the website, he spent 1 hour training me but it is above my head. And because I am giving away the listings for free, I cannot afford to pay someone to add these free listings that I am giving away as a promotion.

  4. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on the listing themes you talked about. I agree I do not need all the advanced features, just basic listing. Any theme names, sources, etc. would be very highly appreciated by this 71 yr old senior!
    I look forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

I get your situation but it’s really important to understand the potential complexities of adding just a script to another theme that it was not intended for.

Looking at your site - on pages like this Air Conditioning - PalmBeachCountyFlorida you are not listing businesses - just creating a new paragraph of text.

If that’s all you want to do then there’s no point in getting a listing script or theme.

It does not really come any eaiser than this I am afraid.

Thank you very much for your advice. I will definitely consider it. I have not ordered any script or theme yet. So your advice came in time! God bless. Al