Need a bootstrap theme for a large enterprise company selling and supporting IoT

I’m a UX Designer who is designing a site for an enterprise company which sells IoT development hardware and related support. The design is 16 columns and the theme must be flexible enough to allow customization. It should be bootstrap and provide some level of support for the developer who will put my designs into reality.

When buying items here you are not getting the developers help to customise it. For that part, you will need to find a suitable theme which you like then hire a freelancer separately to help.

I’d suggest looking on

Thanks. I’m already aware that I will need a developer. I was just looking for something that would get them started and that would be flexible enough for customization.

My main issue is the search criteria not turning up what I need in Themeforest. There are a LOT of options, but I’m having a hard time narrowing those options down. I’m spending a lot of time searching and not finding.

Heya @bastokyg

Happy to give you some recommendations :slight_smile: Do you reckon you could give us some guidance by letting us know what sorts of options you’re currently considering?

The more information you can give about what you’re looking for, the better placed we will be to give you guidance on achieving you achieve it.