Need a bit of advice to find my way out of rejection!

Hi there,
I do get that audiojungle is demanding in term of composition and production quality and I totally understand item rejection when not meeting those ‘quality standards’ but the rejection message is too vague to understand what needs to be improved.

If anyone could take few minutes to help me spot the weaknesses of my track, it would be very much appreciated.

Description: Highly percussive trailer music. The track is built in a typical blockbuster format. Includes a pre-cut variation with no bleed between cuts for easy edition.
Included Variations: 
Percussive Blockbuster Trailer		(1:26) 
Percussive Blockbuster Trailer – Parts	(1:43)	Starts at 1:26 in the audio preview

Tag used:
trailer, blockbuster, hollywood trailer, hollywood, action, epic, percussive, percussion, hybrid, film, film score, sfx, sound effects, movie, movie score, sound design, cinematic, cinematic trailer, background music

Happy music life to all!

Apparently the space of each watermark is long.

Thank you GamesDv. I just used the loop provided by audiojungle.


Not very luck choice of the sounds besides cinematic snare. The first that i’ve heard of the problem things is that drill sound, it should be bright but not without high frequencies as in your track, also lead that started from 0:48 sounds separate from the mix. Author martinj de bont will be good orient for reference, i recommended to write music with any quality track in the daw.

Cheers :wink:

Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and comment :smiley:
I do get your point regarding the lead and drill sounds.


Anyone ? Thank you!