Need a better way to batch reorganize collections

Feature request Over nearly 10 years I have put together a collection for almost every project i’ve worked on. I just started to try an organize it and, when you’ve put this off for as long as i have, it’s a mess. Basically - I’d like to consolidate all items in my collections to archive bins - separated only by which marketplace they have been purchased (category). From there I might make another pass to remove items that are to project specific or whatever the case may be.

Bottom line is that the UX for trying to do this is TERRIBLE. I may just erase all my collections and star from scratch - but I don’t want to throw away hours of search time. All of these selections sparked my interest at some point for some reason. When new projects come up, it would be awesome to have a well organized set of collections.

A few suggestions that would make a big difference:

You seem to be forced to retag each file at a time. Could there be a way to “select all” (or check box the ones your like to move) and batch retag?

It’s simple enough to identify Audio jungle files - but not so easy to quickly distinguish between AE templates and Stock footage for instance. Can we get an easier way to see what category they are in without clicking through?

Finally - It would be really nice to quickly identify which assets I’ve already purchased when reviewing items within the collections. I’ve purchased nearly 300 items over the years, so it’s hard to keep track.


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