Need a 10sec Youtube Intro

Hello guys,
I’m looking for a graphic designer that can help me out by creating an intro for my youtube videos.
I know already what I want, someone only needs to transform it into reality.

Here’s the description of the project::
I want a 10 second video sequence for the beginning of my 4K Youtube videos. I’ll first say what the video is about, then the sequence will appear and then it’ll dissappear and the video will go on.

  1. The appearance/start should be a single line that comes up from the bottom and ends in a point which will later spread around the whole screen creating more and more nodes and lines until the screen turns completely white. This should take 3 seconds. This starts while my video is displayed so I will dissappear behind all the lines and dots.
    Here’s an example how I imagine a dark line appearing at the bottom of the video. See the first 2 seconds of this: (Dot HUD Logo Reveal)
    The line and dots should evolve in a pattern similar to this: (Digital World Logo) (Strings logo reveal)
    And they should spread around the screen and become more and more until it turns completely white.

  2. After the screen turned completely white, my Logo should appear in the same style. A dot and a line which will expand to more dots and lines that create a skeletton of my logo. This should take 2 seconds.
    Here’s a video explaining what I mean : (Point and Line Logo)

  3. When my logo was fully “created” the colors should appear in the logo and the word Lumining appears at the same time beside it. Appearing should take 1 second and then the image showing the logo and name stands still for another second.

  4. To end the sequence, I’d like to have the same animation as in the appearance just backwards and faster.

Hello. I’m a Motion Designer. Maybe I can help, if the project hasn’t been completed yet?