Need a 1 Hour Pirate Theme - DONE Thank You


Hi all. I need a 1 hour pirate background music for an escape room. Ideally some good old pirate shanty music which increases in tempo in the last fifteen minutes to increase the pressure. Anyone able to help ?



Hello! Need a ready Projects or work to order ?


Hey! I’ve made an audio drama two years ago. I composed some song for it that I could make into an hour loop like you want it. Here are some of the song, if you’re interested don’t hesitate to contact me via mail at

Best Regards,

Steffen | RYTM


Hi! Do you need such as:

I wrote this music for pirate theme.


Maybe this one will help you:

Prepare to Be Boarded, Comrades!

Best regards and good luck!


Can I make a suggestion? I’ve learned this from my experience composing stuff for people who wanted songs for a certain film, occasion, etc.

To Jtudds: Post a link to a song that you’ve heard somewhere that’s giving you the idea for this pirate song that only you are thinking of right now. Most songs written for a particular event or movie tend to be based on something else that was composed for a similar event, movie, or whatever. You may have heard an example of what you’d like - if you’re not allowed to post the link, mention the name of the movie, album, etc. so people can look it up and hear it themselves.

To everyone else: Write something that sounds just like it.