Need 8 channel audio for a demo

I am an audio applications engineer and have been tasked with creating a demo for CES 2018 that utilizes (8) of our MAX98357 amplifiers. This is a pretty interesting amplifier because a single TDM bus (3 connections) can deliver 8 discrete channels of audio and each speaker would drive an independent speaker.

My goal is to create an interactive demo where the user can easily enable/disable individual channels of audio at the speaker. The biggest difficulty I have is in getting 8 discrete channels of audio. I’d really like to use a high quality song which is broken into 8 parts. I think a symphony would be a pretty good choice because the audio could be easily be broken down by instrument type (percussion, brass, strings, etc) so the user can easily observe adding/removing different parts of the symphony. That said, it doesn’t have to be a symphony. It could be anything with 8 audio tracts that are fairly active (no long periods of silence) throughout the entire song. If I could obtain 8 mono wav files that comprise a complete song, I have the tools for the remaining steps to generate a single 8-channel audio file in my required format.

I’m willing to purchase a few different songs which are broken into 8 individual 48kHz WAV files. I understand some sort of premium would be required for the additional effort.

Is anyone interested in helping me out with providing 8-channel content for my demo?
Any response would be appreciated; thanks in advance for your time.

Hi, I think that’s not a problem for any composer. This is actually very easy, you only need to negotiate with the composers whose music you will use. You can contact the author of music and if he agrees - you buy music you need a license and have been working for online. I think this is normal!

Hi @mnunnery357,

you can contact this author (via contact form on his profile), he will perfectly do the job:

have a nice day